Oem Ir Protection Auto Darkening Filter in Australia

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Oem Ir Protection Auto Darkening Filter in Australia

Auto darkening this welding helmet is fitted with an auto-darkening variable shade 9-13 filter lens.* high impact rating this welding helmet complies with the high impact requirements outlined in as/nzs 1337.1. 4 sensor auto-darkening filter lens is equipped with four arc sensors suitable for all welding applications including low amperage tig. reaction time auto-darkening filter lens reaction

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The user’s eyes and face a full protection against uv and ir radiation during the entire welding process,even in the clear state. sensitivity adjustment : you can according your working conditions choose color:black material:pp cartridge size: 110*90*13mm auto-darkening: yes transition time : ≤2ms 22 ℃ (72 ° f) delay time(s) : <1s

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